About us



Meyers Media Group's  strength lies in its management abilities to identify and package creatively engaging commercial feature films, as well as television product that create value for our partners. 

Our executives have long-standing relationships,  both domestically and internationally,  with the creative community including agents, lawyers, managers, directors. 

Our knowledge of what is commercially viable, on all platforms, in addition to our creative insight helps us to work with writers and directors to develop powerful material that MMG can ultimately distribute worldwide.  These skill sets allow MMG to operate as a boutique production and distribution company.



Taking advantage of the executive team's diverse relationships with potential international co-production partners, as well as our knowledge of the different accessible U.S. State tax incentives, gives them the ability to analyze a potential project and enables them to find the best possible financial plan. 

MMG also has relationships with various potential equity sources which enable us to offset any gap that might exist between the "soft money" incentives and international sales allowing us to complete the financing for a film and bringing it to fruition. 

MMG's long-standing relationships include the acquisition teams of the all of the U.S. major studios as well as the Mini-Majors and the domestic independent film distribution companies.   In the international realm, MMG works with the multitude of independent distribution companies that exist around the world. 

In addition, MMG has cultivated various relationships with international broadcasters, as well as local co-production partners in putting together television product as well.