bobby meyers

Senior Strategic Consultant

Bobby, a veteran of International sales and distribution. He began his career with Columbia Pictures in Europe. In 1969 he joined National General Pictures as President of their International Distribution which at the time represented also the films for First Artists which was a company formed by Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Barbra Streisand and Sydney Poitier. Bobby started his own company, JAD Films, in 1973. Bobby became President of Lorimar Motion Pictures International in 1977. He left Lorimar in 1981 to become President of Filmways Pictures Corp. which was the forerunner of Orion Pictures Corp. He rejoined Lorimar in 1985 and then left prior to their merger with Warner Bros. to become President of the International division of Orion Pictures. After leaving Orion just prior to their sale to MGM, Bobby joined Odyssey Pictures and eventually joined Village Roadshow Pictures which was the production arm of the Australian distribution and theatrical exhibition company where he became President of International.

He worked with Village Roadshow for nearly 14 years in several other capacities leaving in 2010. In 1980 Bobby formulated the idea of starting an international film market in Los Angeles which had been brewing among several international sales agents based in Los Angeles, and became the principal founder and guiding force of what became the American Film Marketing Association which is now known as IFTA becoming it first Chairman for two years. The AFM has become one of the three prominent international markets along with Cannes and Berlin. Bobby has remained on its Board of Directors since its inception. Among the nearly 700 films Bobby has been involved with in their international distribution during his career include the original THE GETAWAY, LITTLE BIG MAN, TWILIGHTS LAST GLEAMING, OBSESSION, BEING THERE, BLOW OUT, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, DANCING WITH WOLVES, SHADOWS AND FOG, SWIMMING WITH SHARKS and A WALK ON THE MOON.