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Producers: Alexandra Paul, Lawrence Steven Meyers & Randy Dannenberg

Director: Chris Cottam (SET LIST: STAND UP WITHOUT A NET)



In the vein of JOHNNY ENGLISH and AUSTIN POWERS this is the story of nine actors from an '90s internationally highly successful TV show about California beach lifeguards who were actually undercover Interpol agents. Now with their spy contracts almost up and their acting careers in no man’s land - they are recruited for one last dangerous mission to stop a maniac from destroying the world.

Directors Vision:

Desperate Men

Producers: Roberto Bessi,Lawrence Steven Meyers, Randy DannenberG & John Evangelides

Director: TBC


Action Comedy

Ethan Bissell is running for his life. Rizzo is running after him. If Rizzo can catch Ethan he's worth s fortune. Together they are two desperate and disparate men trying to figure out the meaning of their lives - or at least that is why they are so misunderstood. The most reluctant of heroes have no choice but to step up, driven by Ethan's relentless conscience and Rizzo's miserable luck. Together they are a disaster looking for redemption. The film will be shot in Sicily in 2019.


Producers:Lawrence Steven Meyers, Randy Dannenberg, David Chisholm, Stepfanie Kramer & Jonathan Tybel

Director: TBC


Romantic Comedy

A comedy centering on a woman who has been previously married three times and now has to decide whether she wants to take the plunge for the fourth time. She asks her three previous husbands to take their respective kids for a week while she decides her decision to marry or not. When the ex-husbands get wind she is thinking of remarrying they each make a play for her as each of them are still very much in love with her thus complicating her ability to make a decision.

The Wedding Invitation

Producers: Lawrence Steven Meyers, Jennifer Hare & Randy Dannenberg

Director: TBC


Romantic Comedy

In the vein of BRIDGET JONES DIARY meets NOTTING HILL about a woman who must reconcile with her ageing rock-star father who is marrying for the 6th time in order to receive an endowment she needs for her late mother's charity. Along the way she discovers herself, her estranged family and the love she has been looking for.