Blue on blue

Producers: deborah moore, Randy Dannenberg, Lawrence Steven Meyers & Brendan McDonald

Director: Jon Amiel ("ENTRAPMENT", "THE CORE", "COPYCAT")


Action Thriller

Inspired by true events, the story centers around a young rookie cop who is unexpectedly lured into one of the toughest crime units in the city to find out that the greatest danger lies within the department and not on the streets. This explosive sexually intense thriller is in the tradition of THE DEPARTED and LA CONFIDENTIAL. Written by David Chisholm the film is expected to start shooting in Atlanta in late 2018.

The Bohemians

Producers: William Stuart & Lawrence Steven Meyers

Director: Bruce Beresford


Period Love Story

This love triangle tells the story of the famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak (THE NEW WORLD SYMPHONY) and his unrequited love for his wife’s older sister while his devoted wife does everything she can to both further his career as well as try to win his love knowing his heart is elsewhere. The film is scheduled to shoot in Prague in 2018. Aurora Productions has partnered with MMG to produce this film written by Ron Parker.


Producers: Philip Schultz-Deyle, Lawrence Steven Meyers & Randy Dannenberg

Director: Geoffrey Haley


Action Thriller

An American high school student, Toby, goes to Germany on an exchange program and his host family in Germany has in turn sent their son to stay in America with his parents. Several days into his stay in Germany Toby discovers that his host family are terrorists but he has been lead to believe that if anything should happen to them their son will annihilate Toby’s family in America so he has no choice but to participate in their terrorist plan. MMG has partnered with German Producer Philip Schultz-Deyle (SNOWDEN) to produce the film with them with an anticipated start of production to be late 2018 in Munich, Germany. 

Directors Vision


Producers: Randy Dannenberg & Lawrence Steven Meyers

Director: Will Canon (BROTHERHOOD)



A thriller in the vein of WAR OF THE ROSES and PACIFIC HEIGHTS. The film centers on a young couple who buy their idyllic home in a cul-de-sac where one other home exists. An incident occurs with the neighbor and things begin to escalate. It quickly turns into a tale of just how far you can go before you cross over the line and become the bad neighbor.

Directors Vision