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Little Light Film Productions and Meyers Media Group have partnered to turn Lucette Walters' sweeping epic book LIGHT OF THE DESERT into a six part limited series. It is a powerful woman's journey of survival to self-discovery. It is about jealousy, deceit, and the ultimate betrayal of one sister, by another, leading to consequences beyond what was imagined when the wheels were set in motion. The story is a dramatic adventure which ultimately leads to forgiveness from which our protagonist emerges from darkness into the light. 


Atomic Tiki Motion Pictures has partnered with MMG on this recurring TV series. To an outsider just passing through, Eldritch kicks up nostalgic memories of small town everywhere – where the apple pie is homemade, the locals are friendly and nothing bad ever happens. But this isolated town isn’t as safe as it appears. Because in Eldritch, magic is real.  And real magic comes with real danger.

the oliver chronicles

Set in the 23rd Century this recurring series is a twist on the OLIVER TWIST story which call upon many of the characters we have come to know from the original Dicken's story. Two centuries of war and ecological disaster have ravaged the planet Earth. Tactical nuclear strikes have destroyed most of the world. From these ruins have emerged a new world with a new world order where the earth has been divided into Edens, Metropolises, and Outlanders. These new communities are habited by Citizens, Traders and Huns which are all in conflict with each other. Oliver has emerged as a modern day Robin Hood where he believes the world he lives in can only be changed if men act.